Philanthropy in action

By tradition and by nature, wealth management, philanthropy and volunteer work are three sectors that are able to combine their resources to meaningfully contribute to projects that bring social value.
Indosuez Wealth Management supports numerous initiatives, primarily through two Foundations, one in France and the other in Switzerland.
Primarily but not exclusively…

To echo the actions of our philanthropist and patron clients, and as an extension of our advice and support, Indosuez Wealth Management and its teams are also committed to contributing to mankind and its future on the planet.

The fact that it is so effective is what makes philanthropy one of the priority drivers we choose to help move things forward.

Today, most Indosuez Wealth Management entities are involved in some way in this type of approach, supporting local or international associations whose work will help us achieve a more respectful, more united world, whether that means helping more vulnerable communities, protecting the environment, making financial donations or volunteering their skills… 

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Indosuez Foundation in France - supporting vulnerable communities 

In France, Indosuez Wealth Management actively supports the work carried out under the auspices of the Fondation de France. Recognised as an institution of public interest, the Foundation supports concrete charity projects for vulnerable segments of the population, from the elderly to the disabled to teenagers and young adults with drug addiction problems or behavioural issues. Projects are screened by our teams according to standard selection criteria: Is the project innovative? What is the human dimension of the association sponsoring the project? Is it professional? Does it have a sound economic model?

Projects are ultimately selected and their budgets allocated by an Executive Committee. The committee is composed of three experienced, qualified people from outside the Group who are well-versed with issues affecting vulnerable communities, one representative from the Fondation de France and representatives from Indosuez Wealth Management. 


Indosuez Foundation in Switzerland - protecting the environment

The Indosuez Foundation in Switzerland supports projects that will have a lasting and concrete beneficial impact on the environment. It works to improve forest conservation and preservation, boost economic development related to reforestation, and educate local communities. The different projects it supports reflect the international scope of its work: conservation of species of conifers in China, reforestation in Lebanon, improving the living conditions of local communities in India through the sustainable management of natural resources (water, forests, soil conditions, animal farming, etc.).

Made up of voluntary members, the Foundation is managed by two complementary bodies: the Foundation Board which is responsible for budget allocation, and the Advisory Committee which is responsible for identifying, analysing and screening new projects every two to three years.


Supporting communities

As well as the work carried out by the two Foundations, each Indosuez Wealth Management entity supports initiatives within their local communities.

One example is our Monaco entity, where teams work with local medical, environmental or charity associations, notably by volunteering their skills. One organisation we are heavily involved with is AMADE, the World Association of Children's Friends, which is one of the leading international associations for child protection.


Fighting on all fronts

Indosuez Wealth Management’s employees play an active role in its philanthropic work around the world, notably by volunteering their skills and expertise.

For both foundations, it is the men and women at Indosuez Wealth Management who select and mentor each project.

In France, 25% of employees contribute to the work of the Foundation.

In Switzerland, more than 200 members of staff take part in the Citizens Days, giving up a day of their time to provide direct support for the solidarity and aid projects of partner associations. In 2014, some 20 local projects resulted in staff serving 750 meals to people in need, talking and sharing their experience with 60 young people on social reintegration programmes, collecting more than 300 kilos of clothing, and helping to clear and maintain nature areas.

In Monaco, certain employees were able to take part in technical assistance assignments linked to micro-financing in Mali and East Timor as part of a public-private partnership with the Government of the Principality of Monaco.


Projects without borders

Drawing on its expertise, Indosuez Wealth Management is constantly on the look-out for new projects and initiatives to mobilise the goodwill and drive of its teams. 

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